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Friday 6.30.17 4th of July Boot Camp Challenge


Friday 6.30.17 4th of July Boot Camp Challenge

Come join us for this annual event and enjoy your Independence! Warm Up Starts at 5:45 am with workout beginning at 6:00 am.  Make sure your barbells and sandbags are setup on the outdoor pool deck by 5:45 am.  Hooah!

“Battle Buddy Style”
30 Deadlifts (share) Video Here
17 Sandbag Squats (apiece) Video Here

then “O” Course

30 Ground to Overhead (share) Video 1 Video 2
76 Push Ups (share)

then “O” Course Six Vault Strict Pull Up Sand Bag Run


Rinse and Repeat until told we are done!!!


Buddy #1 – Pool deck to high bar for 10 strict pull ups/leg lifts via six vault and balance beam
Buddy # 2 – Pool deck to grassy hill with 10 dips and 2 grassy hill runs with sandbag
* One person works at a time on the reps (switch as needed)
* Alternate paths on the “O” Course after each round
* Can’t start on the barbell reps until your battle buddy is back from the “O” Course

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